Coffee sugar tea jars

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  • MODERN CANISTERS FOR KITCHEN COUNTER: This modern kitchen canister set will create a modern aesthetic look on any kitchen countertop. Our jars  are made of ceramic. Our modern kitchen canisters bring essential storage and beautiful texture and color to the kitchen counter.
  • The bamboo used for the lid has a narrow-grained pattern and is extremely sturdy, making it well-suited for daily use in the kitchen. Bamboo lid crafted of sustainably sourced, rediscovered bamboo. Each lid is equipped with a silicone gasket for an airtight seal. A bamboo lid tops our modern jars, contrasting warmly with the matte glaze. The silicone gasket on the lid prolongs the freshness of the contents.
  • Designed to hold dry goods such as coffee, sugar, and tea. Each jar  features a secure lid to protect its contents from light and moisture.
  • Store your favorite ground or whole coffee beans in the modern  kitchen jars, helpfully labeled in a minimalistic font. With its slim, gasket-lined lid, the canister will keep your coffee fresh and aromatic.