Dinner Candle Green

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  • Full colored candles - We do not save on the production of Candwax candles sticks. So you can be sure that we do not paint tapered candles just from the outside. Our 8 inch red taper candles are completely colored inside, when they start burning you will not see white paraffin inside our red candles.
  • Smooth and soft flame - Forget about flashes and ever-fading long candles. Thanks to well-checked production technology, our 8 inch blood red taper candles do not drip and leave no trace of wax. 8 inch dripless taper candles have natural cotton wick inside thanks to which the flame is smooth and soft, it’s a real pleasure, just believe us. Dripless candles are a right decision to keep you house clean.
  • Carefully made - With care and attention we make red tapers candles, which you can use on Christmas Eve. Have a dinner in the bosom of your family with red Christmas candles by Candwax. And you will feel how soulful and cozy your evening is. Our red dripless taper candles are long burning up to 10 hours depending on their size - 8 inch taper candles have 6 hours of burning time.
  • Unscented candles- Candwax emergency candles long burning are without any smell, what is a real advantage because they will be suitable for every occasion and will be appropriate for people who have some kind of allergy. Such red candles tapered will create the atmosphere of magic, fill your home with pleasant and soft light and will improve your mood. Tall candle will perfectly match any romantic, solemn or just typical home evening.
  • Perfect decoration - Our 8 inch red taper candles are the best decoration for special occasions. You can use our tall candlesticks for your wedding, anniversaries, New Year, birthdays, as advent taper candles or thanksgiving taper candles, just whenever you want. You can be sure that our dripless unscented candles will be your best decision and they will perfectly decorate your celebration.