Granite imported Cookware Set 7 Pc Set

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Usage instructions:

The product is coated with layers of natural healthy materials that are resistant to high temperatures. Due to the thickness of the base of the product, it is an essential factor in saving energy. The use of Teflon and ceramic utensils after the occurrence of a break in parts of its layer in the preparation of food containing organic acids or alkalis, because it will interact with the aluminum element, and the food will be contaminated with this harmful villain. Scratches in it and the sufficiency of others made of wood or plastic. It is preferable to use cooking utensils with smooth surfaces for ease of cleaning and the need to clean them after each use with a soft sponge in the presence of soap or industrial detergent, with the availability of a volume of water for rinsing. The pot should not be placed empty on the fire, but foods should be placed in it before placing it on the stove (if the color of the inner coating changes from lead to brown) Teflon is important and you can avoid this.

It is avoided to be heated or exposed to a high fire, and the pot can be disposed of for a few minutes and the pot is rinsed after that several times, then the guarantee dries this product and to maintain its quality, it is absolutely necessary that the fire burn does not reach the side surface of the pot, in other words, that the fire burn does not exceed the rule of praise It will be used in order to preserve the dial, and on the contrary, the producing company is not responsible for the deformation, disappearance, or burning of the dial resulting from misuse.