Water Cooler Hot And Cool

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Perfectly insulated: inside this warming jug for coffee, tea and co there is an aluminium thermos flask as an insulating container. Stainless steel is used on the outside. So the contents always stay warm.Thermos jug tap: the warming airpot has two taps on which cups can be refilled at the same time. This is particularly practical when you need to go fast.13.5 litre capacity: up to 13.5 litres of liquid fits in this large stainless steel thermos flask. The drinks container with tap can also be easily refilled.Practical drip tray: if a few drops go wrong when pouring from the thermal container, they are collected in the drip container. This reduces cleaning effort.Clever cup holder: a cup holder is attached between the taps of the jug. Here you can easily peel off a new cup and enjoy the delicious drink.




Keep warm airpot drinks dispenser for keeping tea, coffee etc. warm.


This XXL thermos flask is the right choice to keep hot drinks at the right temperature for a long time. Optimal insulation is ensured by a stainless steel housing and an aluminium container.


The two taps with which the hot drinks can be served are particularly practical. In addition, the warming airpot has drip trays and a cup holder.


The stainless steel vacuum flask holds 13.5 litres of liquid and is easy to refill. Cleaning after use is also very easy


height 40 cm 

Width 25 cm