Measuring Cup Set - Multicolor

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The Rainbow Stackable measuring spoons are essential baking tool. These measuring spoons are eco-friendly, made of food grade PP material. These spoons are stackable easy storage with mosaic design and colorful. Spoons can be used in the kitchen or baking, etc. These products are water resistant, oil-resistant and easy to clean. Spoons are more convenient to weigh liquids, powders and other ingredients than electronic weighing. The measuring cups and Spoon set are very easy to use. These measuring cups and spoons have measurement makings in milliliters (ml) as well mentioned on spoons. These measuring cups are dishware safe.Includes:1 cup (250 ml)1/2 cup (125ml)1/3 cup (85ml),1/4 cup(60 m)1tbsp (15ml)1/2 tbsp (7.5 ml)