Multi Functional Spice Rack

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This multifunction storage organizer comes with a spice jar, so no additional purchase. It holds Seasoning bottles, spice cans above the seasoning boxes.

There has a utensil caddy rack on the right of the kitchen storage, it’s suitable for forks, spoons, and other Small kitchen wares.

On the left, it’s a knives and scissors block set, saves space on our worktop and safely stores our knives.

The kitchen organizer can store knives, forks, spoons, spice jars, Bring them together to one storage rack, keeps our kitchen Countertops clean and tidy so that we have much space when we are cooking.

There are Water tanks under the cutlery rack and knife block, keep knives, forks, and spoons, dry, prevent knives, forks, and spoons from wet, nice cutlery drainer for our kitchen.