Rose bunch

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These bunches make decorating for the baby shower easy. You can quickly set these bouquets all around to make your occasion unforgettable and give them out to guests as a thank you gift

SYMBOLIC - Blue flowers represent the ultimate symbol of joy, happiness, and elegance to your decor. These flowers create a peaceful environment that will make your guests feel comfortable and at ease

VINTAGE AMBIANCE - Creating the right atmosphere for a baby shower is quite challenging. We created these flowers to perfectly capture the essence of this momentous occasion in a gorgeous setting

EYE CATCHER - The soft blue tone ties the entire room together with out baby shower decor. In a room full of blues, these flowers will bring attention to the main table or as a table centerpiece for your guests

TAKES UP SPACE - These blue flowers are voluminous and luscious in style so they add visual depth and make a statement at the same time. Easily create a sense of abundance in any room