Tea Set 14 Pcs

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TREND Addiction  glad to present you Royal Artistic Pattern Tea Set-14Pcs which gives value addition to your dining table. Its elegant and graceful exquisite texture will give you a unique feeling of a lavished lifestyle. Its excellent design and style are attractive to the eyes and will provide the best treat for your distinguished guest. Royal Artistic Pattern Tea Set-14 Pcs by its name will provide you great aesthetic sense and take you back to the era of kings and queens. The artistic pattern design of the cups will add some joy to your breakfast or coffee break. It’s the perfect way to serve tea/coffee. The provision of wide-angle handles of the teapot and in the tea set will add benefit to convey your cuisine to your dining table.



Product benefits:



Material: Material is pure ceramic bone china & easily washable.Capacity:  The tea set is suitable for a cappuccino, tea, or other hot beverages.Design: Elegant and graceful Made of premium bone china, with a Vintage look.Caution: This item is not safe for microwave use.Durable: Made of the highest quality