Drain Cleaner

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Flexible and bendable winding steel spring-loaded cable, easy and comfortable grip on the top, heavy steel spring and retractable claws on the bottom, making this gripper available in all difficult to reach narrow bends , And easy to retrieve small non-ferrous objects that cannot be attracted by magnets.

High-end quality-Hard and non-fragile red plastic handle, super sturdy steel spring will not rust or jam when pressed, long-distance flexible winding steel structure cable and carbon steel claws can ensure acceptance-anti-rust, use Long life-non-magnetic.

Easy to use-Light and retractable telescopic narrow telescopic grab bar, hair extension and garbage collector, can bend curved pickups into the hardest corners, areas, angles and passages at a long distance, with maximum mechanical control force.

Suitable for-Ideal for kitchen, bathroom, toilet, public sink, bathtub and shower gutter cleaning-Convenient tool for grabbing stoves, freezers / freezers, cars, appliances, furniture or anywhere else Items, trash or lost objects are hard to use like dryer vents-the perfect plumbing tool for slow or blocked drains.