Stainless Steel Cookware Set 12pcs

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Zepter Cookware Set

12pcs Cookware set

Casserole: 24×18.5cm 8L

Casserole: 20×12.5cm 3.6L

Casserole: 18×12.5cm 2.7L

Kettle: 2.5L 

Saucepan: 16×10.5cm 2L

Frypan W/ Marble Coating: 24×7.5cm 3L

Heat induction 

Heavy bottom 

Knowing that neither health nor time can be bought, Zepter has created cookware that protects both. Use of the most expensive materials, cutting-edge design and technology, create the perfect conditions in which all essential food nutrients are persevered for healthy eating and a longer life. Included in the Masterpiece Cookware Business set is the revolutionary Syncro-Clik® lid which turns any Zepter pot into a high-tech, pressure cooker fortified with special safety featuresfeatures the highest-quality, toxin-free superior metal materials and a revolutionary non-stick cooking system to guarantee healthier, better tastier food with fewer calories.