Lifetime Collection stainless Steel Cookware Set 12pcs

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Queen Royal Cookware Set

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12pcs Cookware set

Casserole: 24×14.5cm 6.5L

Casserole: 20×12.5cm 3.9L

Casserole: 18×11.5cm 2.9L

Casserole: 16×10.5cm 2.1L

Saucepan: 16×10.5cm 2.1L

Frypan : 24×7.5 cm 3.4L

Heat induction

Heavy bottom

Five layers of metal, uniquely merged, create outstanding cookware. A base plate of solid aluminum, protected by a sheet of stainless steel, is permanently bonded to beautiful stainless steel utensils. Aluminum, one of the world’s best heat conductors, absorbs heat smoothly and quickly and spreads it evenly across the bottom of each pan. A core of gentle-heating carbon steel between two layers of stainless steel carries the heat up the sidewalls, cooking foods naturally in a complete circle of heat. Kitchen Queen Cookware lets you prepare foods with little or no water, thus retaining valuable vitamins and minerals and saving flavor.Kitchen Queen Cookware is designed to last and last. Quality constructed cookware to provide years of satisfied useGood looking, quality stainless steel cookware complements any table setting.